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We offer integrated solutions that promote the delivery of care to meet the needs of the whole person.

"I find Magellan to be an organization that is cutting-edge. They are always wanting to know what is working and how they can make changes to provide better services. Magellan has a high value for collaboration and partnering with providers. I am very glad that Nebraska has had the privilege of partnering with Magellan for its mental health care needs and hope that we can continue to build on this partnership in years to come."

- Mark E. Stortvedt, Ph.D., LMHP, CPC, Executive Director, Oasis Counseling International

Here, Dr. Stortvedt shares more about his collaboration with Magellan.

Read more about Magellan's integrated services starting on page 13 of the Report to the Community, where you'll find information on the following:

  • Integrated healthcare
  • Whole Health Rx
  • Children’s Champion and Magellan Gold
  • Tools for primary care physicians