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Magellan’s commitment

We are invested in the health and wellness of Nebraskans, and we are honored to support the vision of integrated healthcare in the state.

“For a company to let a person who has suffered from something bring their opinion in to make their business better, is phenomenal. It’s good. It means you guys care.”

– Dan Suesz, Peer Support Specialist, Mental Health Association of Nebraska

Dan tells his story on video.


The state of Nebraska has a vision for ensuring the delivery of fully integrated healthcare services to eligible children and adults across the state through managed care. With our experience in Nebraska, Magellan is well-positioned to support this vision.

Be sure to visit our printed Report to the Community for a full description of all of the programs and initiatives mentioned on this website.

We have a deep understanding of the public healthcare system in the state, as well as nationwide. Through collaborations with our state customer, service providers, advocates, individuals and families, we are able to deliver innovative strategies, clinical best practices and personalized care. By employing models of care that are focused on whole health, we are achieving outcomes that lead to long-term recovery and total wellness.

Looking to the future, Magellan will continue to embrace the vision of the state and its citizens and continue to develop—along with our partners—tailored and affordable solutions that support individuals and their families on the journey toward resiliency, recovery, wellness and whole health.